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November 2008

Dog Body Language

Understanding basic canine behavior is our passport into mutually terrific relationships with our dogs. Knowing how to identify basic canine body language, is step one in removing the hindrance of misunderstanding. Different breeds have different body language. For example, Akitas hold their tails high and always look confident, Greyhounds tuck their tail between their legs [...]

Secrets to Make your Dishwasher Clean Perfectly

As a service company we are constantly asked, “Why doesn’t my dishwasher clean better?” To this query we offer the following insights and suggestions. Whenever we diagnose a “poor cleaning” complaint the main things we want to know are: Is the water hot enough? Using a proper detergent? Using a rinse additive? Using proper loading [...]

Best Placement for Window Air Conditioners

Which is the best room for placement of an air conditioner? It should be installed wherever it will give you and your family the most comfort. If you only have one air conditioner then we usually suggest the bedroom. This is because most people find that if they can sleep comfortably during a hot summer [...]