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November 2009

How to Make a Homemade Solar Oven

Solar power has a wide array of uses, like using it in to power cars, small boats, and homes. You can also use solar power to cook food through the use of a homemade solar oven. You do not have to be a professional to take advantage of the sun’s energy since it is simple [...]

How to Replace a Lost American Kennel Club Registration

Owners of purebred dogs can register their dog with the American Kennel Club. As a proud dog owner you like to show off your purebred dog and the American Kennel Club registration papers to anyone willing to stick around long enough to read them. Imagine the shock when you run to get your AKC registration [...]

Add New Life to Old Metal Bar Stools

One way to give your kitchen a new look on a tight budget is to get some cheap metal bar stools from a thrift store or yard sale. Or you could check out your local Freecycle network and you may be lucky enough to find someone giving away some old stools for free. The only [...]

How to Repair a Lawn Damaged by Dog Urine

If you own a home and a dog, you are familiar with the dreaded lawn burn patches caused from dog urine. It seems that Fido has an uncanny knack to never pee in the same place twice. If Fido urinates three or four times a day, you can bet your lawn will have three or [...]