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Hayward DE Filter

Recovering from Green Cloudy Pool Water

Pool Water Getting Cleaner

I’m so close to having a pool in swimmable condition. Well, it would be if it weren’t for the annoying algae. I’ve got to say, it’s a nice looking green, but who wants to swim in green cloudy water? I spent some time researching to find out why my pool water was green and cloudy.  [...]

Dirty Pool Full-Court Press

Pool Water Getting Cleaner

I know full court press is a basketball analogy but that’s what I decided to do to get my pool clean. Enough of this half-hearted attempt at getting the pool clean. It’s time to spend an entire day getting up close and personal with the pool. I decided to treat the pool like a newborn. [...]

Regenerating a Hayward EC40 DE Filter

The Black Handle

What a concept! The regeneration feature is a time (and DE) saver. Ok, I’ll repeat myself a little because most people don’t read blogs from beginning to end. Here’s a concise recap: I bought my neighbor’s old filter/motor set up which was a Hayward DE EC40 filter. No instructions, no guarantee, no nothing. I gave [...]

Hayward DE Filter Pressure Problem Solved

Pressure Problem Solved

After spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out why my Hayward filter’s pressure kept diminishing I found out the problem is not really a problem. Hayward DE filters like clean pools. They work hard to get your pool spotlessly clean. If you notice your pressure gauge is rising and the pressure of [...]

5 Minutes of Pressure with My Hayward DE Filter

Hayward EC40

I know I should have given up a few days ago, but I’m still trying to make my “deal” work. If you’ve read more than one post, you know I’m starting this pool season with a very dirty pool. There are leaves at the bottom, bugs and all kinds of yucky stuff Scooping the dead [...]

Another Hayward EC40 DE Filter Discovery

Clean Hayward Filter Fingers

Okay, if you’ve read any of the other posts on this blog, you know that I’m working with a second hand Hayward DE EC40 Perflex pool filter. When I first got it I took it apart to see how it works. It wasn’t until I got it working that I learned that some of the [...]

Adding Diatomaceous Earth to a DE Filter

Diatomaceous Earth

No matter what type of DE filter you have (in my case it’s a Hayward DE40), you have to make sure you add the proper amount of DE. Adding too much means the DE will end up back into the pool and adding too little will prevent the filter from running at its best. Use [...]

Dismantling the Old Hayward Perflex EC40 DE Filter

Hayward EC40

As I said earlier, the best way to get to know a filter is to take it apart. The Hayward EC40 DE pool filter is an interesting little fella. Unlike my old Sta-Rite filter, in order to get to the guts of the Hayward filter, I had to remove 12 bolts before I could lift [...]

Don’t Throw the Old Pool Filter Away

Hayward EC40

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that you should never throw away a pool filter/pump assembly unless you’re dismantling your pool and will never need a pool filter again. However, if something isn’t working properly, replace the part. The parts are replaceable and interchangeable. Don’t toss out the filter. Here’s My Above Ground Pool Story: [...]