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Pool Water

The Importance of Proper Pool Water pH

Liquid Shock

Having your pool at the proper pH helps prolong the chemical’s cleaning ability (among other things). A pH that’s too low allows your chemicals to quickly dissipate, and a pH too high prevents optimal sanitizing action. Since I’m currently struggling with high pH, I’ll share my tale of high pH woe If you’ve read any [...]

Recovering from Green Cloudy Pool Water

Pool Water Getting Cleaner

I’m so close to having a pool in swimmable condition. Well, it would be if it weren’t for the annoying algae. I’ve got to say, it’s a nice looking green, but who wants to swim in green cloudy water? I spent some time researching to find out why my pool water was green and cloudy.  [...]

Dirty Pool Full-Court Press

Pool Water Getting Cleaner

I know full court press is a basketball analogy but that’s what I decided to do to get my pool clean. Enough of this half-hearted attempt at getting the pool clean. It’s time to spend an entire day getting up close and personal with the pool. I decided to treat the pool like a newborn. [...]

Back to Discussing Pool Chemistry

Freddie the Frog

Because finding the right recipe for clean pool water can be overwhelming (especially for someone new to the world of chlorine pool chemicals), I’ve decided to take it one step at a time. My pool is showing signs of improvement from an ‘I can almost see the bottom of the pool’ point of view. I’m [...]

See What You See and Not What You Want to See

Pool Testing Kit

While I was in the process of lowering the pH on the pool, I tested the water every two hours after adding pH Decrease. I could have sworn that my water pH levels were nearing the target zone because every time I looked at the colors on the testing kit, it seemed to get closer [...]

Pool Chemistry and Getting Clear Water

Pool Water Test Kig

Now that I’ve got the pump working and the right amount of DE in the filter it’s time to get the water clear. However, before I can get the water from its ever so interesting milky green to clear, I’ve got to test it to see its chemical makeup. Once I know where it is [...]