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Work at Home and Save on Heating Costs

Selk Bag

There is no doubt that working from home is not only convenient, but it is a money saver. No more commutation costs, eating lunches out or having to buy the work clothes for making a presentable appearance.

Working from home does have its financial drawbacks, however. It’s especially noticeable for folks who live in areas prone to winter storms and cold temperatures. No matter how much you try to conserve, when it comes to heating a home, that’s one expense that diligent home workers just can’t seem to avoid. After all, who can work with frozen hands?

Economical Heating Solution for Work at Homers

It is now possible to work from home, keep warm and save on heating costs. All you need to do is get a Selk Bag. A Selk Bag is a warm portable sleeping bag. It looks like a snow suit.

Selk Bags come in various warming capacities. Since most folks who work from home just want to keep their fingers, toes and body warm enough to work and feel comfortable, there’s no need to purchase a Selk Bag geared for sub zero temperatures.

Selk Bag Features

The great thing about the Selk Bag is that your own body heat helps to keep you warm. With reversible zippers located in all of the necessary areas, you can zip your hands in the Selk Bag for a quick warm up and then unzip the to type or do whatever it is you need to do.

Having the foot enclosure prevents cold air from seeping up the pant leg creating a cold draft. If you wish, you can cover every part of your body leaving only your eyes exposed (not quite sure how much work you’ll get done like that, but the option is there if you so choose).

Savings on Home Heating CostsSelk Bag

By wearing a Selk Bag during the day while working, you can turn your thermostat down just as you would if you were working outside of the house. Let the Selk Bag keep you warm while you save on heating expenses. When the family returns home from school or work, you can crank the thermostat to warm things up a little.

The Selk will more than pay for itself just by the mere fact that your oil deliveries will be fewer and farther between.

Word of Caution

When purchasing the Selk Bag, make sure to buy the right size. A Selk Bag that is too large makes it difficult to walk up and down the stairs.

About the author: Felicia Williams is a wife, mother and grandmother who likes to write.

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