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Pool Water Progress Has Been Made!

Pool Bottom Drain

It’s around 8:00 PM and I went to do my final filter cleaning for the night and didn’t need to! If you have been following this blog, you know I’ve been cleaning a very dirty neglected pool. I’ve been working on clearing my green cloudy water (now that I’ve removed all of the decaying leaves)

With high chlorine levels and constant filter cleaning, I’ve been able to clear up the water and remove the green. For the past two days, I’ve been applying a full-court press on the algae.

Imagine my surprise when I went for my final nightly DE cleaning before I retired for the night (and the mosquitoes came out) and noticed that I didn’t have to clean the filter. I didn’t even have to regenerate my Hayward DE filter. I looked at the pressure gauge and the pressure was holding steady at 11 PSI (a little higher than I’d like, but much lower than the 15 PSI that usually causes diminished return flow).

Diligence Pays Off

Because I was in the habit of regenerating the filter every 15 to 30 minutes and changing the DE every couple of hours, it was a pleasant surprise to find that things were running smoothly. That means my pool is nearing optimal cleanliness. Instead of farting around with the filter, I checked my chemicals to ensure the chlorine was still abnormally high (to continue killing the algae) and I said “Good Night Pool.”

Here’s how the pool looked yesterday morning:

Pool Before
Here’s how it looked tonight before I decided to retire from the pool for the night:

Pool AfterThe dirt you see in the pool surrounding the bottom drain is a combination of dead algae from sweeping the pool and leaf remnants (I’ll vacuum it up tomorrow).

What progress! I’ll let my Hayward filter run all night. This is the first time that I feel comfortable enough to let it run all night. Prior to today, the filter’s PSI would soar and the return flow would diminish to a trickle causing the pool water to remain still (because the pool was so dirty).

I think I’ll have a glass of wine to celebrate my small victory! I’ll worry about the PSI, vacuuming and changing the DE tomorrow. Tonight I’ll relax.

About the author: Felicia Williams is a wife, mother and grandmother who likes to write.

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