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Best Placement for Window Air Conditioners

By Donald Grummett

Which is the best room for placement of an air conditioner? It should be installed wherever it will give you and your family the most comfort.

If you only have one air conditioner then we usually suggest the bedroom. This is because most people find that if they can sleep comfortably during a hot summer night then their next day’s work will be a lot easier.

Consequently, getting through your regular workday routine becomes a lot easier knowing there is an air conditioner at home. You know you will be able to go home after work and relax and unwind in the comfort of a room of cool air. It certainly becomes something to look forward to, all day long.

Not everyone will want to install the air conditioner in the bedroom. Some people do not like a cool sleeping environment. Therefore these types will tend to place it in a living room or family room.

The elderly in particular seem to prefer the living room for their air conditioners. This is because since many of them are retired, they spend most of their time in the living room. During the hottest days of summer they may not leave their homes for days. Therefore being able to enjoy the day in a cool environment becomes more important to them than being cool at night.

Some people will place the air conditioner in the family room. They install it there because it is larger than any single bedroom. For this reason the whole family can sleep there without feeling confined. Consider getting out the sleeping bags and turn it into an adventure for the young ones. Beats installing it into the master bedroom and then waking up in the morning to find a dog, cat, and four kids in the bed with you.

A window air conditioner can be noisy, which may disturb sleep. If you are a light sleeper the bedroom might not be the best placement. Others find the drone of the fan actually promotes sleep. Once most people become used to the sound of the air conditioner they begin to find it soothing. This is because all the neighbourhood noises are drowned out. Some people say the air conditioner works as well as a sleeping pill.

...Air Conditioners will Not Cool Other Rooms...

Whichever room you eventually pick don’t expect the impossible from you’re A/C. It is not meant to cool more than one room or one open area.

This is because the blower in a window air conditioner is not very powerful. It is sized to cool one open area, not a number of interconnected rooms. Therefore a couple of smaller units may be better for your home than one large unit.

Air Conditioner

If more than one air conditioner is to be installed it is generally most efficient to place them at opposite end of the home, but on the same floor. Placing one on each floor will only give localized cooling. Instead, try cooling one floor with the multiple units.

Generally the upper floors need more cooling because the warm air within the home will rise.

Another method to try is to run the air conditioners while operating the furnace fan. Set furnace thermostat to 'fan only' setting. Start air conditioners and allow to operate as per normal. This method works well if an air conditioner is operating near the cold air return. Furnace fan will pick up cold air and circulate through other rooms. Normally suggested to close all unnecessary room vents, such as in basement, hallways, and bathrooms.

Copyright 2007 by Donald Grummett. All right reserved. Donald Grummett has been in the trade over 30 years as a technician, business owner, and technical trainer. Visit MG Services to learn more invaluable information about your appliances.

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