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Stop Dryer Vent Cold Air Drafts and Save on Heating Costs

by Felicia Williams

When the outside temperature drops and the indoor thermostat gets cranked up, we look at our houses differently. We start thinking about and feeling the cold uncomfortable results of having cracks, leaks and spaces that allow cold air to seep into your otherwise cozy living space.

We bring out the door guards to stop drafts from creeping in beneath the front and back doors. We make several trips to the local home improvement store for window and door weather stripping. We even take a run to the store (or order online) heavy curtains all in an attempt to keep the drafts at bay. But what about the dryer vent?

Stop household drafts

Cold Air and Dryer Vents

Whether the dryer and its vent are located on the main floor or down in the basement, there’s the very real possibility that cold air is coming in through the vent when the dryer isn’t in use. Stuffing a sock in the dryer vent does much to stop the cold air from coming in, but can prove to be disastrous when you have to use the dryer.

If you're fortunate, you can close the door to the laundry room to keep the cold air contained in one room. The only problem with that is every time you wash clothes you have to put on a winter coat to withstand the cold laundry room.

Stop Dryer Vent Draft

I’ve lived through drafty windows, doors and dryer vents. I managed to seal the windows, doors and put up heavy-duty curtains to stave off the draft, but the dryer had me stumped until I came across the dryer vent closure.

Heartland Dryer Vent Closure

It’s amazing what you can find when you start looking for a solution. The vent I got is called Heartland 21000 Dryer Vent Closure. The way it’s designed prevents cold air from entering the dryer vent. The swivel top, which is light in weight, is pushed open by the dryer's hot air. It allows the dryer's hot air to vent out of the house and when the dryer is off, the lid closes preventing cold air from getting in.

The design is very simple yet effective. Sometimes the simplest designs provide the best results. In addition to stopping cold air fit also stops birds from building nests in the heating vent.

How does the Heartland Vent Hold up to Snow?

Snow isn’t a problem as the hot air also vents through the bottom of the Heartland. As such, if snow is on the top, the air will continue to vent. Also, the hot air will help melt the snow accumulated on the lid. The only potential problem is if the vent is located on a lower floor and you get several feet of snow which may bury the entire vent. Then you’ll have to dig it out to ensure proper airflow.

Proper Dryer Venting Saves on Heating Costs

Closing off drafts and cold air sources do much to save on heating costs. Whether you use the Heartland dryer vent or another brand, the goal is to reduce cold air coming in thus saving money on heating.

About the Author: Felicia Williams is a wife, mother and grandmother who likes to write about a host of topics.

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