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8 Energy Saving Tips for Your Clothes Washer

By Donald Grummett

Everyone likes to save money. Since your household appliances are some of the largest electricity consumers, this is a good place to start your savings quest. The following is a collection of tips about how to save electricity when using your electrical clothes washing machine.

  1. Sort clothes: This is something everyone has been telling you to do since the first time you did a washing. It is not only necessary, but also the single biggest mistake made by consumers who do not believe it to be advantageous. Consumers often rush to complete the laundry chores and consider sorting to be a time-consuming idea. By sorting into the proper groupings the water temperature required becomes automatic. There will be no guesswork involved. For instance, by washing all dark clothes together the normal hot water wash temperature can be lowered to warm. Make sorting easier by providing family with multiple hampers. Individual hampers not only eliminate mixing of clothes but also allow them to be stored until each particular load type is enough for a full load.
  1. Place near water source: Place the washing machine near the hot water tank. Substantial amounts of heat can be lost as the hot water travels between the tank and washing machine. If the distance between them is greater than ten feet insulation should be added to hot water pipe.
  1. Outside walls: If the hot water pipe is attached to an outside wall the heat will be radiated out through the wall. Pipes should not attach directly to outside walls. Can be corrected by adding wooden spacers between the wall and pipes to insulate from each other.
  1. Water level: For small loads lower the water level accordingly. But, don’t lower water below half full even for very small loads. Too little water can result in clothes tangling and being damaged.
  1. Don’t overload: Overloaded washing machines will consume more electricity as the motor strains to move the excess clothing. It also leads to problems associated with poor removal of the lint from the machine. Persons who overload waste energy because clothes often have to be rewashed.
  1. Auto Fill: If your washer has an auto fill feature consider its use. The machine will automatically fill to the proper level. It compensates for load size and will use less water. Auto temperature will mix the cold and hot water as it enters the machine.
  1. Clean filter: For those machines will an accessible water filter, clean them after every second load. Proper water flow will lower time required to obtain a clean wash. If excess lint builds up in the filter it can re-deposit back into the clothes. This will require the clothes to be rewashed.Washing Machine
  1. Level machine: Any washer that consistently goes out of balance is wasting energy. Restarting the washing machine is usually accompanied by it being refilled with water by the homeowner. This wastes both water and electrical energy. An out of balance load may leave the clothes damp at the end of the cycle. This is energy inefficient because the clothes will have to by spun again. Also, excess water left in clothes will lead to wasting energy because the clothes will require extra time in the clothes dryer.

The above are some of the most common suggestions associated with energy savings. When striving for energy efficiency during clothes washing, always be aware of anything that interrupts, lengthens, slows, or disturbs the natural cycle of the machine. Any of them can cause unnecessary electricity being consumed

Copyright 2007 by Donald Grummett. All right reserved. Donald Grummett has been in the trade over 30 years as a technician, business owner, and technical trainer. Visit MG Services to learn more invaluable information about your appliances.

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