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Is Your Dryer a Fire Hazard?


In recent years there has been many stories about dryers catching on fire*. Should we be concerned? Yes of course. We should take seriously anything that may put our family at risk. Was the problem the dryer? Rarely. After investigating it is usually determined to have been the venting within the home catching on fire, […] Read More

Make Clothes Dryer More Efficient by Recycling the Heat

Heat Keeper

As the cost of electricity continues to skyrocket consumers are looking for new ideas to help get the most value out of their appliances. This includes the electric clothes dryer. Although consumption cannot be lowered there is a device to take advantage of the heat it produces. It is called a dryer heat recycler. It […] Read More

8 Energy Saving Tips For Your Electric Clothes Dryer


Every consumer likes the idea of saving electricity. Not only is it good for the environment, but also for our pocket books. Some of the largest consumers of electricity in your home are your appliances. This includes your electric clothes dryer. The following is a collection of simple tips about how to save electricity when […] Read More