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Dismantling the Old Hayward Perflex EC40 DE Filter

Hayward EC40

As I said earlier, the best way to get to know a filter is to take it apart. The Hayward EC40 DE pool filter is an interesting little fella. Unlike my old Sta-Rite filter, in order to get to the guts of the Hayward filter, I had to remove 12 bolts before I could lift […] Read more

Don’t Throw the Old Pool Filter Away

Hayward EC40

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that you should never throw away a pool filter/pump assembly unless you’re dismantling your pool and will never need a pool filter again. However, if something isn’t working properly, replace the part. The parts are replaceable and interchangeable. Don’t toss out the filter. Here’s My Above Ground Pool Story: […] Read more