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How to Easily Clean Automobile Headlight Lenses

by Felicia A. Williams

I didn’t realize how dirty my car’s headlight lenses were until I got to chatting with a “car guy.” You know the type of car guy I’m talking about. He knows everything about all types of cars. He actually knew more than I wanted to hear, but when we walked over to my minivan and took one look at the headlights he said, “Eventually as those lenses get dirtier and dirtier it will affect your night vision.”

Well, at my age, I don’t need any condition that will contribute to the deterioration of my night vision, so my ears perked up and I tuned back into the conversation. He then explained in detail how exactly it can affect my night vision and that Sam’s Club offers a service for $39.88 where they will clean the headlight lens. They call it Premium Headlight Renewal Service and it comes with a 5-year warranty. As you can see from the add, it increases night vision up to 50%.

Sam's Club Lens Service

That sounded great, but I’m not a Sam’s Club member and didn’t want to pay the $45 membership fee just to clean my headlight lens for $39.88. We’re talking almost $85 to help me see clearly at night. There had to be a better alternative.

My car guy told me he could take my car to his Sam’s Club and get it done for me. That was a generous offer, but he lives a toll-bridge plus 25 minutes away from me. In my mind it didn’t, make sense to drive to him to get this done. There had to be an easier alternative. Instead, I opted to visit my local auto supply store. I chatted with the clerk who recommended Blue Magic Lens Cleaner. After purchasing the cleaner the clerk advised that if the lens cleaner didn’t work I should try using toothpaste.

Well, I got home and gave it a try and was rather happy with the results. Can you tell which lens got cleaned?

Before and After

It was simple as applying the liquid cleaner with a clean soft cloth (an old t-shirt) and wiping it off with another clean cloth. I went through the procedure twice because my lenses were pretty cloudy.

So, if you’re driving around town with dirty headlight lenses, you have the option of buying BlueMagic Headlight Lens Restorer, going to Sam's Club to let them clean it for you, or you can be adventurous and try toothpaste (I use Eco-Dent  tooth powder and I wasn’t going to waste any putting it on my headlights). Do whatever works best for you, as long as the end results are clear headlight lenses. It will make seeing at night just that much easier.

BTW, I spent about $8 for the cleaner at my auto supply store (this was originally written in July of 2017, I'm sure the prices have gone up since then), but you can probably get it for half that amount if you purchase it from Amazon.

About the Author: Felicia Williams is a wife, mother and grandmother who likes to write about a host of topics.

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