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Cleaning Micro Fiber Couches: Code S

by Felicia Williams

Microfiber products are specially designed to last. The fine threads used in making the microfiber cushions are 200 times finer and thinner than a human hair. Due to the extreme art involved in microfiber products, they last much longer than ordinary fiber products. Microfiber products are dyed in solutions that are resistant to fading.

microfiber code s

However, the quality of the products does matter. If you buy low-quality microfiber products, you'll notice a loss of texture and quality. Lower quality products don't have the backing which usually prevents stretching. As with any fabric, any damage or stain should be repaired or cleaned immediately.

Code S microfiber is made up of organic fibers which include wool, linen, cotton, rayon. Code S fabrics will also include denim, velour and damask products. As such, make sure to take special care in cleaning Code S microfiber. All Code S microfiber products should be cleaned using cleaning solvents.

What are solvents?

Solvents are products such as K2R Spot Lifter or Bissell Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner. These products contain ingredients that are stronger than plain water and soap. The chemicals in these solves help to remove and get rid of hard to remove stains. Handle them with care.

Before using any solvent, make sure to test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the couch. After application, allow it to dry. Once dried check for damage or color or texture change. If the texture changed, try brushing it with a soft brush. Often times all a newly cleaned spot needs is a brushing to return it to it's prior texture. If you're satisfied with the test results, then it's safe to proceed.

Steps for Cleaning Micro Fiber Couches Code S

  1. Remove loose debris. You might be able to remove the debris with a whisk broom or soft brush.

  2. Sofa
  3. Vacuum the couch and cushions. Although you removed the loose debris with the brush, sometimes a good vacuuming can pull up dirt that's just below the surface. It's wise to remove as much dirt as possible before applying a liquid solvent. You don't want to create mud on your microfiber sofa.

  4. With all loose debris gone, now you're left with dirt and/or stains that require the cleaning solvent (make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions). Here's where you need to come up with a cleaning strategy.

    If the stain only affects a small portion of the cushion, then it is better to spot clean with the solvent. However, if your couch has multiple stains in several areas then it is better to clean the whole couch using solvents. Doing so will maintain an even look. You may note a difference in fabric texture between clean and uncleaned sections of the couch.

  5. After cleaning the cushion with solvents, place each of the cushions in an area with sufficient air. You might want to use a fan to speed drying time. Allow the cushions and the couch to dry completely.

  6. Once the fabric is dry, look for rough surfaces and brush those areas with a soft brush or vacuum.

The trick with keeping microfiber couches (code S) clean is to use the proper solvents. Catching the stain as it happens is also another good practice, but not always possible. If, however, you find this too much of a bother, you can always hire a professional.

About the Author: Felicia Williams is a wife, mother and grandmother who likes to write about a host of topics.

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