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Shame on Target - Deceptive Practice

Published July 16, 2021

Target disappointed me. I know the practice of bait and switch is commonplace, but for some reason, I was surprised that Target would display such an obvious deceptive advertising tactic. It wasn’t actually a bait and switch, but it wasn’t an honest price reveal either. I wonder how many people have been fooled or have accidentally purchased items without paying attention. This recent experience soured me on Target.

Searching for a Computer Table

With the recent purchase of an iPad and Magic Keyboard, I found that my current computer setup was not ergonomically correct for me. Actually, after a couple of days of using my old pre-iPad setup, my neck told me it was time to change things.

As such, I went online to look for an adjustable computer table that I could use while sitting and also raise it to use while standing. Being able to tilt it was also important to me.

In my initial search, I came across an adjustable table at Target. After reading the specs, it was just what I was looking for. The dimensions were perfect, it was tiltable and I could use it while sitting or standing.

Pricing the Table

In bold font, Target listed a price of $24.99. Wow! Perfect. It was the right table at an unbeatable price. Here’s a screenshot of the listing.

Target Computer Stand

Happy to have quickly found what I was looking for, I added it to my cart and continued to read through the specs to make sure it was what I wanted. As I scrolled back up, I noticed a banner across the top of the page that said, “See low price in Cart”

Price of Table

How Much is the Table?

So, I went to my cart. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the price and found out that the cost to purchase the table was $163.99. The $24.99 represented the cost of the furniture protection plan. Really?

True Cost of the Target Table

Target really ought to be ashamed of themselves. Why couldn’t they just post the price of the item on the description page? Instead, I had to add the item to the cart to see the full price. Not only did I not purchase the table from them, but Target is no longer one of the stores in my online shopping arsenal. Instead, I found what I wanted on Amazon.

Amazon Computer Table

I'm so done with Target!

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Last Modified: 16 July 2021

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