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1/13/22: UntionTools Shovels for a Great Shoveling Experince
7/16/21: Shame on Target - Deceptive Practice

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Stop Dryer Vent Cold Air Drafts and Save on Heating Costs
How to Auto Empty a Dehumidifier
Make Clothes Dryer More Efficient by Recycling the Heat
Why Your Refrigerator is Making Weird Noises
How to Replace a Broken Oven Element
How to Clean a Dehumidifier
How to Make a Homemade Solar Oven


1999 Chevy Motor Blower Failure
How to Easily Clean Automobile Headlight Lenses


Cleaning Micro Fiber Couches Code W
Cleaning Micro Fiber Couches: Code S
Cleaning Micro Fiber Couches: Code S/W
Cleaning Micro Fiber Couches: Code X
Microfiber Couch Purchasing Tips
Cleaning Ink from Microfiber Couches
How to Easily Clean Automobile Headlight Lenses
Homemade Dish Washing Detergent
Vinegar - A Staple for Green Cleaning
How to Remove Fireplace Soot from Surrounding Brick Wall
De-cluttering Your Home is Like Losing Weight
Homemade Laundry Detergent - Liquid
Homemade Laundry Detergent - Powder


UnionTools Shovels for a Great Shoveling Experinece
Non-Toxic Weed Deterrent - Stop Weeds Growing Between Rocks
How to Kill Spiders Naturally with Diatomaceous Earth
Naturally Occurring Edible Pesticide
Fairy Lights vs.Solar for Illuminating a Walkway

General Household Stuff

Shame on Target - Deceptive Practice
3M Command Strips - Use with Caution
Do 3M Command Strips Really Work?
What to Look for When Selecting Carpet Padding
Work at Home and Save on Heating
Here’s How to Join Amazon Prime for Free
Add New Life to Old Metal Bar Stools


How to Replace a Lost American Kennel Club Registration
How to Repair a Lawn Damaged by Dog Urine
Dog Body Language


Replacing the Skimmer on an Above Ground Pool
Connecting Pool Hoses
Why is My Pool Water pH Rising?
Adding Diatomaceous Earth to a DE Pool Filter
Blue Devil B3705 Above Ground Pool Cover Siphon Review
Pool Pumps - Some Things Can’t be Fixed
Recovering from Green Cloudy Pool Water
My Hayward Critter is Slowing Down
Don’t Throw the Old Pool Filter Away
Dismantling the Old Hayward Perflex EC40 DE Filter
Pool Chemistry and Getting Clear Water
Why Isn’t the DE Sticking to My Hayward Filter Fingers?
See What You See and Not What You Want to See
Another Hayward EC40 DE Filter Discovery
5 Minutes of Pressure with My Hayward DE Filter
Hayward DE Filter Pressure Problem Solved
Regenerating a Hayward EC40 DE Filter
Back to Discussing Pool Chemistry
Dirty Pool Full-Court Press
The Importance of Proper Pool Water pH
Pool Water Progress Has Been Made!
Oooh Baby, I've Got Clear Pool Water!
Why is My Hayward EC40 DE Filter Not Working?
Where Did My Pool’s Chlorine Go?
Be Careful with Pool Chemical Test Strips (Especially AquaChek)
Don’t Forget to Ground the Pump
Oh No, The Pool Has a Leak
Is it Absolutely Necessary to Use Algaecide?
Playing Hide N Seek with an Above Ground Pool Leak
First Step to Finding My Pool Leak
Finding Pool Leak - Part 2
Finding Pool Leak - Part 3
Opening the Above Ground Pool for the Summer
Little Giant – Pool Cover Pump
Swimming Pools, Chlorine and Toxins
Pool Leak Detection - Found the Source (Finally)!
How to Maintain a Properly Functioning Pool Pump

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